Rules - Elgin Turners


Rules & Regulations

  1. The QUEEN OF HEARTS game case will be displayed in the lower level of Elgin Turner Hall. It will be locked at all times except for the drawing. It will initially contain 54 cards, a traditional playing card deck plus the two jokers. Each card will be randomly placed within a numbered envelope ranging from 1 to 54.

  2. Raffle tickets will be sold weekly, winner of the weekly raffle will select which card/envelope gets opened that week. There will be no limit on the number of tickets sold. Tickets may be purchased at the Elgin Turner Hall, during regular business hours. All tickets sold will be double stub tickets, and the purchaser must print on the back of each ticket: his or her name, phone number and the number of a card/envelope to draw. Nicknames or abbreviations are not acceptable forms of a name on the ticket. Completed tickets must be returned to the seller, to be placed in the raffle drum.

  3. The Queen of Hearts drawing will take place every Thursday at 7:00 PM, with one (1) ticket drawn from all of the tickets sold after the previous drawing. Tickets will be available for sale at the location of the drawing until 10 minutes prior to the weekly drawing. One ticket will be drawn each week by a member of the Elgin Turners Board. If a ticket is drawn with no name on it, the ticket # will be called. There will be a period of 10 minutes to locate the winner.

  4. If the purchaser of the ticket drawn is not present, and the name and contact number is not legible, or it does not have a card/envelope number on it, that ticket is void and another ticket drawn. If a purchaser forgets to choose a card/envelope number or chooses a number that has been opened previously that ticket is VOID and another ticket drawn.

  5. If there is no info on the ticket and double stub holder is not located after 10 minutes the Draw will be considered VOID and a new ticket will be drawn. This rule will be enforced with no exceptions.

  6. Drawings will not be held on holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas, etc.) that fall on Thursdays.

  7. If the purchaser of the ticket drawn is present at the drawing, then he or she shall choose a card/envelope number from the game board noted in 1 above. If the purchaser of the ticket drawn is not present a member of the Elgin Board will choose the card/envelope number on the ticket and the game will continue as if the player had picked it themselves. If a ticket does not have a number, or if that number has already been picked, of the draw will be VOID and an Elgin Board Member will draw a new ticket.

  8. If the card chosen is the Queen of Hearts, a present winner shall receive $ 500.00 or the Jackpot whichever is larger. The Jackpot is 60% of the ticket sales minus weekly payouts as of the prior week's drawing. 20% of the ticket sales revenue shall belong to the Elgin Turners, 20% of the ticket sales revenue will be re-directed to the next Queen of Hearts pot to fund the start of the next game. Jackpot amount, will be updated after that days drawing and displayed above the Queen of Hearts case in lower level of Elgin Turner Hall.

    Prize awards

    QUEEN OF HEARTS current posted Jackpot.

    ANY OTHER QUEEN $50.00

    First Joker $100.00

    Second Joker $200.00 (the game is dead and a new deck is dealt out and new game starts with the Jackpot rolled into new game's Jackpot)

    Any other card $20.00

  9. The card picked is marked and placed face up in the display case for all to see and the following week there is one less card/envelope to choose from. This continues every week until the Queen of Hearts is discovered and the Jackpot is won. After the Jackpot has been won all remaining cards are marked and discarded and a new game is started with a new deck of cards.

  10. Each week, after the drawing, the remaining purchased tickets will be destroyed and new tickets will start being sold for the next weekly drawing. Raffle tickets can be sold to anyone you wish (the more sold the bigger the Jackpot), but must be turned in each week. The color of the raffle tickets will change each week, so you cannot just turn them in for the following week.

  11. All winners are responsible for the payment of any and all taxes. Winners of prizes of $600.00 or more will be issued an IRS form W2-G (1099), which must be completed and received before the prize will be paid. If a winner refuses to submit a completed IRS form W2-G (1099), then the prize will be forfeited to the Elgin Turners Building fund. Prize amounts of $1000.00 or more will be paid by check.

  12. These rules can be revised and updated by the Elgin Turners Board of Directors at anytime and any changes will be posted at the time of a shuffle for the next game. If this game is ended for any reason all funds will revert to Elgin Turners.

Elgin Turners is a 501c7 not for profit organization located at 112 Villa St. Elgin, Illinois