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How to Upload Pictures

In order to upload pictures you need to be a member registered and logged in.

Before trying to upload pictures, browse through the pictures and picture categories.  You have to upload to categories that are already created.  If you see an appropriate category, skip the category creation instructions and go down to the add pictures instructions.  If you do not see an appropriate category for your pictures, create a new category.

Please do not upload any pictures that you do not have the right to publish.  Do not upload obscene or pornographic images.  Do not upload images of children that you do not have express written consent from their custodial parents allowing internet publishing.  Any violations will result in removal of you and your pictures from this site and authorities will be contacted if warranted.


There is a size limit per pic of 2MB, however that is too big to display quickly on slower computers and slower internet connections.  Strongly recommend using a picture resizer to get them 100kb or less before uploading them.  If you do not have one, you can download a free one that will do whole folders of pictures at once here from FastStone.


Category Creation instructions:

First navigate to the Photo Gallery Panel from the user menu (only visible if logged in).

Next click the categories button.

Then click the New category  button.


Then enter the information for the new category. 

  • Choose a title that is appropriate, and try to put a date in the title or at least the year.
  • Choose a one or two word Alias that is unique.  (it will tell you if it has already been used).
  • Select who you want to be able to see this category by selecting a group from access.
    • Public (default)  means anyone can see it.
    • Registered means only members logged in can see it.  You can leave this public and select specific photos to be registered access if you like.
    • Do not select other groups like special or customer, or you will probably not be able to see it all depending on your security clearance.
  • Click the Save Button




Add Pictures Instructions:

First navigate to the Photo Gallery Panel from the user menu (only visible if logged in).

Next click the upload button.

If you have only a handful of images follow the instructions for add single pictures.  If you have folders of images you can use the Batch Upload button but you will have to put the images in a zipped folder or use the Java upload.  The detailed batch and java upload instructions are coming soon.


Add single pictures:

  • Select a category from the drop down menu.
  • Create a short title.
  • Enter a description if you like.
  • Select a number for this to start with in this category.
  • Browse to pictures in your computer to be uploaded.
  • Click the upload button.