2017 Calcutta Draw Down - Elgin Turners

Elgin Turners 2017

Calcutta Draw-Down Raffle


September 17th, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Elgin Turners

112 Villa St.

Elgin, IL 60120


100 Tickets Minimum - 120 Tickets Sold Maximum

Tickets draw down eliminated

$3500 Grand Prize

$150 1st Ticket Drawn

11 $100 Draws

$200 Loser Bucket Draw


Ticket Cost is $100


People representing the last 10 tickets will be asked to come forward for a possible

Grand Prize Split.


The loser bucket draw will only represent ticket numbers that have not won money.

Need not be present to win, but someone should be there representing ticket for final 10 possible shared pot decisions.


Two People per ticket may attend.

Tickets include DJ, Buffet Dinner & Open bar for Beer, Wine, Pop, Rail Drinks.


Food Buffet and Open Bar will end at 8:30 PM


Additional Side board and raffles at Event

(Bring Extra Cash)


Must be 21 years old to attend and event is closed to the general public.


Raffle Chairman decisions are final.


To obtain a ticket or for more information about event contact:

Raffle Chairman: Dave Williams


or Elgin Turners at 847-697-4431




10-24% of ticket holders win their $100 back or more.

2 Floor Event with DJ on Upper floor and Pool, TVs and more on Lower Floor.

Drinks served Up and Down, Come enjoy Elgin Turners, Calcutta Style


All proceeds benefit the Elgin Turners and their charities.